Symphony by the River: A Virtual Concert Experience
Sunday - May 19th, 2024 at 11am | ONLINE EXPERIENCE
Embark on a journey where the soothing tones of live music meet the peaceful beauty of nature, creating a symphony of waves that gently awaken your senses. This Art A Whirl weekend, join us for a virtual concert along the serene St. Croix River, where melodies flow as smoothly as water and the landscape dances with sound.

On Sunday, May 19 at 11 am, immerse yourself in the harmony of music and nature. As the concert unfolds, each note becomes a brushstroke, painting a sonic tapestry that connects you to the vibrant beauty of the outdoors. Whether you watch from home or on the go, this virtual event offers a unique opportunity to explore the unity between art and nature through music. Prepare your drawing pad or paints if you want to create while listening, tapping into the theta waves that activate your creative potential.

Celebrate the timeless connection between humanity, music, and the natural world. Be part of an unforgettable exploration of sound, sight, and serenity at Art A Whirl.

For the best experience, we recommend enjoying the concert in a quiet setting or with headphones. Don't forget your drawing pad and paints if you're ready to unleash your inner artist.

We look forward to sharing this extraordinary experience with you!
Art A Whirl Online Experience

The Symphony of Nature and Music

Join us for an unforgettable online experience—including our virtual concert featuring our invited artists: musicians John, Josh, and the skilled, expressive flutist Milinda Nitti.

For the best experience, we recommend enjoying the concert in a quiet setting or with headphones.

    Milinda is a passionate believer in the transformative power of music. She co-founded the Marine Candlelight Series during the pandemic to bring classical chamber music to the community. As a flute teacher, she finds joy in learning and growing with her students of all ages.

    Milinda volunteers with community orchestras to enhance musical growth and improve arts access for the underserved. Her latest project involves creating soundscapes with the flute, blending nature's magic into her music. Through music, she aims to calm minds, deepen understanding, and foster collaboration.
    Violin & Guitar
    Josh thrives in a diverse array of musical roles, collaborating with a wide range of artists. He is a member of The Laurels String Quartet, a recording engineer at his studio, The SunTrap, and an experimental composer for his solo project, Elamon. Over the years, Josh has had the pleasure of working with notable artists such as Jeremy Messersmith, Dan Wilson, Kevin Gastonguay, Belle & Sebastian, Semisonic, Chris Koza, The New Standards, Lucius, Father John Misty, Jason Mraz, and Ondara. 
    Percussion & Guitar
    John Strei's musical journey began with the alto saxophone in an amateur band, sparking a lifelong passion for music. He quickly moved on to explore various woodwinds before discovering his true gifts with guitars and percussion. As a dedicated musician, John has shared his talents as a drummer in blues, rock, and Americana groups. He also enjoys playing a range of stringed instruments, from guitar to sitar.


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